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DNA Gardens

4 miles east of Highway 21 on Highway 590 Over the past 30 years, we have carved out a niche on our little patch of prairie heaven of ultra, cold hardy cherries and haskap fruits! We grow 20 acres of fruit (and other things). Not content to just pick a few berries here and there, we have sought out, tested, and grown over 100 species and varieties of prairie, cold hardy fruits for ourselves and our customers with fervour. Our goal is to introduce plants that are productive, consistent, and thrive in the vast array of weather changes that is the climate of the prairies. We want nothing more than the success of our customers with their own patches of prairie – big or urban compact. Our continual education and experience as farmers, horticulturists and passionate gardeners are the tools that enable us to pass on to our customers not only quality plants, but the information you need to transform your own paradise. We look forward to meeting you and sharing our experience to make yours even better. phone: 403 773-2489      toll-free:  1-866-687-5268      fax: 403 773-2400

Westway Gardens

200 Railway Avenue contact person: Brenda or Blaine
address: Box 45 Bittern Lake, AB T0C 0L0
phone: 780-672-6029