Touring Routes

imgp1644-225x300Come and cruise the Boomtown Trail! Country roads take you through places so brimming with space that it swallows you up. And then suddenly the prairie drops away into a valley and you are shaken with glee. It is easy to leave behind the daily grind on these open roads. For your travel convenience, the Boomtown Trail is divided into six touring routes each designed to be explored within a day, or combine routes to make a multi-day adventure.

Each route starts with an introduction to Boomtown Trail’s Crowning Moments, the must see sites along the drive. Every route’s travel map pinpoints the six crowning moments along the way. These features are crowned, because they deserve the praise.

Tour of Little Lakes (Route 1)

Battle River Backroads (Route 2)

Birds, Buffalo, and Dumont’s Decree (Route 3)

Shake It All Over (Route 4)

Painter’s Panorama (Route 5)

Dig the Experience (Route 6)