What is Boomtown?

boomtown_mainBoomtown Trail communities sprang to life almost overnight around a century ago, spurred on by the expansion of the railways. This rapid development led to a very distinctive style of architecture, characterized by a grandly designed front covering a more humble building behind it. Known as “boomtown” architecture, it was typical of many buildings in the North American west at the turn of the 20th century. Today, it is becoming more and more of a rarity to see it anywhere other than in the movies.

Not so along the Boomtown Trail! Almost every community on the drive from Strathmore to Camrose features original buildings from the boomtown era, taking you back to the origins of small town Alberta. There have been many efforts to preserve the local history, including restored sites and many museums.

Those who prefer the outdoors will also love all that the Boomtown Trail has to offer. Dozens of great campgrounds dot the area, not to mention several wonderfully preserved nature areas. From beautiful lakes to the Badlands, you’ll want to take in all the remarkable scenery of the region.

And there’s always something to do along the Boomtown Trail. From events such as the Big Valley Jamboree and the many local rodeos to extreme sports like skydiving and paintball games, every taste can be satisfied at some point along the trail. Golfers, meanwhile, will have no trouble finding a tee time: there are 18 courses in the area to take advantage of.

With so much to see and do on the Boomtown Trail, isnĀ¹t it time you came and explored it for yourself?

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