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Welcome to the Boomtown Trail!

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Boomtown Trail is a tourism region in Alberta, east of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. The road trip takes you down the Hwy 21, 56 & 9 corridors, and stretches from New Sarepta in the north to Bassano in the south. Get ready to travel down the crossroads of the past and the present, get ready for a place where history and culture come to life! The trail is an area rich with stories of the First Nation peoples, buffalo hunts and settlements, railway expansion and new-land promises, settlers and boomtowns, and coal mining and dinosaur digs. Not to mention cowboys and characters, farmers and ranchers, and most of all, country towns that are at the heart of everything. People who have passed through and settled here have a keen connection to the land. The eastern Alberta landscape is a mix of prairie, marshland, knob and kettle topography, badlands, aspen parkland, river valleys, coulees, shallow lakes, and big wild Albertan sky. Boomtown Trail wants to share the joy of discovery with you. One of the great charms of the trail is a capacity to provide you delightful surprises. Every step of the way, you will find yourself captivated by some new and perhaps little known delight. There are also sights of absolute amazement that will shock you with natural beauty, historical significance, complete charm, or significant wonder.

ribstone view If you have never been to the eastern side of Alberta before, what are you waiting for? How many more things can you discover and how many more adventures await you on the Boomtown Trail? Once you have paid us a visit you will want to return again and again. From the folks who call the Boomtown Trail home, we welcome you.

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